About Telecom

Being authorized Mitel partner, our primary focus is to deliver a telephony solution customized to meet specific requirements of individual customers. Our initial discussions with new customers is to find out their requirements as well suggest possible cost saving measures brought on the table with the implementation of the new system. With the current system capabilities, there is huge feature list and possible integration to an organization’s applications, around which the system can be built. Once the core operations of the customer is achieved with the initial setup, we then focus on the next step of system enhancement in terms of features and functionality in-keeping with local telecom regulations.

Furthermore, as part of our turn-key IT managed services we also offer to take up the assignment on a turn-key basis. For instance, along with the SIP terminal installation, we provide PoE switch setup along with VPN configuration for desktop extensions, including smtp configuration for voice message to be delivered to your email-id. We build and manage complete peripheral services like ISP management with router setup, bandwidth monitoring, server setup including break-fix support even of power/UPS setup. Customer gets complete solution out of one company and avoid situations of having to point faults at other components of the infrastructure during outages. We configure, manage and own the entire setup on customer’s behalf.